Suspect tries to evade arrest after knocking woman unconscious, deputies say

Beating captured on surveillance camera, report says

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – A man attempted to evade arrest by refusing to pull over after he knocked a woman unconscious in a beating caught on surveillance video, according to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said they received a call around 6:30 a.m. Saturday about a disturbance at a store on County Road 305 and as they were about to arrive, they saw the suspect vehicle, a silver Cadillac, driving away.

A deputy activated his lights and sirens as he followed the Cadillac, but the driver, later identified as Henry Brock, refused to pull over until a civilian in a truck blocked his path on Cinnamon Avenue, according to the arrest report.

According to the  affidavit, Brock got out of the vehicle with his hands up yelling, "Are you going to shoot me?"  

Once he was placed in handcuffs, deputies said they noticed there was a woman in the Cadillac who was disoriented, had blood matted on her scalp and hair, was barefoot and had swelling around her right eye.

Brock, who had been placed in the back of a patrol car, yelled repeatedly for the woman to not cooperate with authorities, the report said. The victim was moved farther away so Brock wouldn't influence her, deputies said.

Surveillance video from the store on County Road 305 showed the victim trying to leave in the Cadillac, but Brock jumped on the hood of the vehicle to keep her from leaving and punched the windshield until the glass broke, according to the affidavit.

When the woman tried to get out of the Cadillac, Brock slammed the car door, crushing her between it and the car, which then caused her to hit her head and fall to the ground, the report said.

"If witnesses had not called and we had not intervened, she could very well be dead today," Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said. "It was extremely violent."

Deputies said Brock climbed on top of the woman and punched her twice until she was unconscious.

He tried to then stuff her limp body into the car, which is when she momentarily regained consciousness and got into the back seat, according to the affidavit.

"He tried to pick up her limp body and put it in the car, caused her to come to. She didn't want to get beat up anymore so she sat in the back seat," Staly said.

While deputies were reviewing the footage, Brock got angry that no one was speaking with him so he repeatedly kicked the back seat of the patrol car until he bent the door, authorities said. He once again screamed for the victim not to talk to police when the windows in the car were rolled down, according to the report.

“This incident could have had a very different outcome,” Staly said. “I believe his intention was to kill his victim and had a witness not call us and our deputies not located them who knows what else may have happened. This is an extremely violent person who has been arrested multiple times. He needs to be locked-up for a very long time before he actually kills somebody.”

Brock was arrested on charges of domestic aggravated battery, false imprisonment, felony criminal mischief, tampering with a witness, driving with a suspended license and fleeing and eluding.


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