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Do you need a recap of the big stories that made headlines last week? Below is a list of headlines that appeared in News 6 newscasts and trended on There's also a recap of this week's episode of "The Weekly."

Parramore Kidz Zone continues to see growth

In Orlando's most impoverished neighborhood, the Parramore Kidz Zone  is helping students succeed by helping them earn a full education.  This year, it was reported that juvenile crime is down and the graduation rate is high. News 6's Justin Warmoth talked to two PKZ mentors on expanding the organization and how the group continues to inspire kids to become successful adults. 

Flesh-eating bacteria causing concerns in Florida

A grandmother died two weeks after cutting her leg while walking along a Florida coast, and recently, Tyler King said he contracted a deadly flesh-eating bacteria without ever directly coming into contact with water, where it typically lives. 

Man busted for feeding alligator named Hank

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation shared video they said shows Paul Fortin interacting with the alligator, who he calls "a good boy" and said likes bagels. To see what consequences come with feeding Florida wildlife, click here

Florida's texting while driving law: What you can and cannot do

It was a hard-earned mission at News 6 to help pass Florida's new distracted driving law. So what are the rules and exceptions? Click here for clarification.

NASA's Orion spacecraft takes big step toward returning humans to moon and beyond

An early morning rocket launch from Cape Canaveral is always a spectacular sight to see. At 7 a.m. last Tuesday, NASA successfully tested the abort system for its Orion capsule. To see the launch and what's next for future planned missions, click here

A digital first at Fireworks at the Fountain

For many, the perfect way to cap off celebrating America is with a fireworks show. Once again, News 6 had the honor of hosting the best fireworks show in Orlando, and this time, our coverage from Lake Eola provided a view of the fireworks from all sorts of angles

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