The Weekly Newsletter: Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer focuses on city's future

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Did you miss your favorite News 6 newscast or didn't get a chance to look over the headlines on ClickOrlando.com from this past week? Below is a list of big stories as well as a brief summary of this week's interview on "The Weekly."

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer sees tremendous growth in Central Florida

Mayor Buddy Dyer was first elected in 2003, and over the last decade, many people have made Orlando their home. The mayor sat down with News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth about how the city is addressing the affordable housing crisis and big transportation projects in the works. 

Detectives crack murder case using genealogy

When a Central Florida man took a DNA test to learn about his ancestry, he never thought it would help solve an 18-year-old murder case and make an arrest. To see what police did to get crime results, click here. 

Police woman picks nose, sticks finger in ice cream

For some reason, tampering with ice cream is becoming a news trend. In St. Petersburg, police said a woman was caught on camera picking her nose and then sticking it in ice cream. And that's not all - to see what else she is accused of doing, click here

A full-scale history of the Publix people weighers

For many shoppers, stepping on the big, green scale at the entrance of a Publix store is a must-do. Turns out, they've been a staple from the store's opening, and you can only find them in Florida

Casselberry woman shares story of flesh-eating bacteria scare at beach

Sarah Martinez told News 6 - she had cut herself shaving a few days before her trip to the Sarasota area. She said the minute she got into the water, she felt a stinging on her leg, but she thought it was saltwater cleaning the wound. When she got out, it started getting red. 

Celebrating the spaceflight that took American astronauts to the moon

On July 16, News 6 is taking a giant leap into the past, present and future of spaceflight as the nation celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch from Central Florida's Space Coast. In-depth stories are already located on ClickOrlando.com/space

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