Weather continues to impact Interstate 4 construction

Abundant rain, flooding, lane closures cause headaches for drivers

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Newly released documents obtained by WKMG give insight into challenges between Florida Department of Transportation and I-4 Ultimate contractor SGL.

Last month abundant rain, flooding and lane closures caused headaches for drivers on I-4. 

"It's like a never-ending headache," Tiki Wallace said.

Cars drove through several inches of stormwater, which halted construction. At one point heavy rain shut down at least five intersections.

"I try to avoid it as much as I can, especially with all the construction. GPS hasn't been programmed for the new changes," Angela Zakers said.

Dating back to January a noncompliance report issued by FDOT to SGL officials said, 

"Specifically, on January 27, 2019 at 10:07 a.m, flooding restricted the use of one lane of I-4, until 3:20PM, or 5 hours and 13 minutes without a Permitted Construction Closure."

In response to another report from the documents filed SGL objected to FDOT's complaint from an April incident and said, 

"A flood related closure on EB/WB I-4 lanes at Lee Road off ramp were necessary to protect the travelling public from an accumulation of storm water."

SGL supported its claims with photos that show a wire wall failing and a handrail hitting a vehicle. 

Three weather-related incidents in June were cited in the report for causing construction problems.

Some drivers hope time will alleviate some of these construction issues.

"It'll be pretty when its done. It's just growing pains," Hannah Boldrie said.

FDOT announced another project beginning this Sunday on Maitland Boulevard near westbound I-4. 

Transportation officials urge drivers to be alert while driving through construction zones.

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