Flooding continues to be issue along Orange County road

One neighbor says the flooding in area has been issue for years

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – People who live along a stretch of South Econ Trail in Orange County hold their breath every time heavy rain makes it into their area. 

That's because each time, residents like Holly Bruce and her neighbor have to deal with flooding in their yard and into the street. 

Roy Rivero's brother-in-law lives next to Bruce and was at his house Thursday morning monitoring the water pump in the yard. 
"We have been pumping water out of there since last night at 9 o'clock and we're still pumping water continuously and this happens every time there's a good rain it happens. There's no drain here," Rivero said. 

He said the flooding in the area has been an issue for years, so much in fact, he said his brother-in-law is on his third water pump. 

"Thank God for the pump. If we didn't have the pump we would be underwater there," Rivero said. 

Bruce recorded video of the rising water on her cellphone and said it was feet from her home. 

Her neighbor got video showing what looked to be a catfish caught in the waters. 

Not only is it a nuisance, but Bruce said it poses a safety concern. 

"Could very easily hydroplane out there. If you don't have good tires or good brakes or something you could easily end up in a situation," Bruce said. 

She's tried to contact the county since 2015 to air her concerns and try to get someone to come to the area and remedy the problem, but she feels she has gotten nowhere. 

Doreen Overstreet with Orange County said staff responded to a 311 call Wednesday night and found no blockage in the system but said that the heavy rain overwhelmed the drainage system. 

Overstreet said the drainage from the Econ Trail flows south along the roadside ditch and into two secondary canals. 

That water eventually finds itself in the Little Econ River. 
Public works employees were at the flooding site Wednesday and said the river had reached a high stage - thus creating a backup in the system. 

Staff within public works will continue to monitor the area and work to find ways that could resolve the issue.