80-year-old Kissimmee woman gets brand new home thanks to grant money

'It's just amazing, it's amazing,' new homeowner says

An 80-year-old Kissimmee woman got a brand new home thanks to a grant from the state.

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – An 80-year-old Kissimmee woman now has a brand new home, built by Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County using grant money provided by the state.

Vivian Brinson got a tour of her newly constructed, light-blue home on Mann Street in Kissimmee on Thursday.

City officials said the Kissimmee native lived in her old home for 25 years and when she was selected to receive State Housing Initiatives Partnership funds, officials decided it would be too costly to renovate the residence. So, they opted to demolish it instead and start new.

"It was dangerous for me to get around because the floors was giving away and the roof was giving away, you know, and it was rainy season so it was really hard," Brinson said.

The project cost $168,388 and took six months to complete. Habitat for Humanity Greater Orlando & Osceola County crews used cost-effective building materials and made sure the home would be energy-efficient in the long run; they built the home to minimum Florida Green Building Coalition Silver Standards.

The SHIP program provides money to local governments in order to preserve affordable homeownership.

Brinson said she's eternally thankful to have a new, beautiful home.

"I really wish I could really express and explain really how deep and how sincere I am about it because it's just amazing, it's amazing," she said.

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