Ignoring your office co-workers leads to better focus

Passing up on conversations can help you feel less tired


MIAMI – Next time Jim asks how your weekend was, tell him to buzz off. When Sally asks if you've seen the latest Netlfix series, turn away.

It may sound rude, but experts say ignoring your co-workers at the office helps employees avoid burnout.

WTVT reports co-worker interruptions cause many people to lose focus on the job at hand. In fact, they say it can take nearly a half-hour to regain complete focus after being stopped by a colleague.

Psychologist Ulrika Leons adds that distractions in the office drain mental energy. She suggests employees wear headphones at their desk to send a message that they should not be disturbed.

So if you see someone wearing headphones or someone frantically typing, pick up on their "do not disturb" vibes. It'll be best decision for both of you.