Motel key left at crime scene leads to burglary suspect's arrest

Victim pushed to ground during confrontation with suspect, police say

HOLLY HILL, Fla. – A hotel key left behind as a burglary suspect fled from a homeowner who caught him in the act helped authorities make an arrest in the case, according to the Holly Hill Police Department.

The victim said he went into the garage of his State Avenue home shortly before 6 a.m. Monday and found a man, later identified as Kelix Mar'Kee Moon, stealing his belongings, the report said.

Police said the homeowner confronted Moon, who pushed him to the ground and ran away. The victim tried to chase him but he wasn't fast enough.

A $400 scooter, a $100 skateboard and a $50 weed eater were stolen, according to the report.

As they were searching the scene, police said they found a motel room key, which officer Sergio Martins recognized as belonging to the Twi-Light Motel.

"The key that was left behind was the key to the case," Chief Steve Aldrich said.

Police said they went to the motel and located the stolen items inside Moon's room.

He admitted to entering the garage through an open door and taking the items but he denied pushing the victim, according to the report.

"Our officers are observant. They are involved in the community and this is a time where obviously, it all paid off," Aldrich said.

Moon, 21, is facing charges of unarmed burglary, grand theft and battery.

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