Parents search for last minute deals during Florida's tax-free weekend

Tax-free weekend ends August 4

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)
(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar) (Associated Press)

ALTAMONTE, Fla. – Back-to-school shopping was a family affair for the Price family Sunday morning, a day into the long tax-free weekend.

"We're going to go school clothes shopping and a few school supplies. Stuff we need," Leo Price said.

Price's mother said shopping is going well so far, considering it's their first day tackling all the items they need.

"So far, so good. I'm a little behind the ball so I got to catch up this weekend since it's tax-free weekend. It's a good time for me to catch up since I work all week," Amber Price said.

News 6 also caught up with shopper Heather Lee, who was leaving Target and said it's better to visit stores earlier rather than later. 

"If you get here right when it opens, it's not bad at all and it seems like they're stocking overnight. So, it seems like most things are there," Lee said. 

Also, the added tax-free days make a difference when parents need to make a last minute trip.

"It does because you get home and then you forget something, of course -- I forgot a pack of pencils or I forgot glue sticks, so it does help because savings is huge, especially when you're shopping for a whole family," Lee said.

If you've already shopped for clothes and are looking for electronics, Best Buy said it has everything you need.

Customer Service Supervisor Viviana Alvarez said computers that sell for less than $999 are tax-free, which includes Apple products, HP, Aces and Lenovo brands. Smart home products are also tax-free. 

Alvarez said the store was packed Saturday and they expect the same throughout the tax-free weekend. She said if products aren't on the shelves, they're able to order it online which includes free shipping.

"We had the lines going. It was like a mini Black Friday day!" she said.

But for Leo Price, picking up new items at a good price is only an added bonus to this time of year.

"Best part about going to school is learning new things, and that's the most important part," he said.

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