Mass shootings in Ohio and Texas bring up difficult memories for Pulse survivors

Pulse survivor wants to help those impacted from recent mass shootings

Pulse survivors reacted to the news of two mass shootings over the weekend.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Pulse Nightclub survivors are reacting after two nationwide mass shootings over the weekend in Texas and Ohio. 

Norman Casiano said from post-traumatic stress disorder to depression, he knows all to well about tragedy and wants to use his voice in hopes of helping other survivors.

"My best advice for the victims and survivors would be surround themselves with love because that’s what got me through it," Casiano said. 

Casiano was shot twice in the Pulse nightclub attack. He’s now walking again, yet still trying to recover emotionally, physically and mentally.
"It is hard (but) there is a light at the end of the tunnel," Casiano said. "At the end of the day love, will always win."

Sen. Linda Stewart (D) has been pushing to cut access to high-powered guns ever since the Pulse.

"I’m upset and we just need to do something further that what we’ve done," Stewart said. 

She told News 6 she's introduced legislation that still has not passed. She said it’s long overdue and Monday. she refiled legislation banning assault weapons in Florida. 
"Those particular guns the AK and the AR need to be removed from everyday persons and allow just the law enforcing and the military to have them," Stewart said. 

A news release sent out by Stewart's office said in part, "The coming 2020 session will be the fourth year that Senator Stewart has filed legislation to ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines. Each time, the efforts have been rebuffed by the Republican-controlled legislature following intense opposition from the National Rifle Association."

Senator David Simmons (R) also spoke with News 6 on Monday. He said he's proposed amendments to the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas School Safety bill during the spring session in 2018.  He also believes  access and ownership of assault weapons should be limited to people 25 or older. 

"The hope is that the real causes of these mass shootings by young men can be removed, such as the glorification of violence, better mental health assistance, better red flag/risk protection injunctions taking away weapons of at-risk individuals, etc., by the sunset date," Simmons said.  

Read his proposed amendment here

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