Visitors at Pulse memorial honor victims lost in weekend mass shootings

The violence over the weekend brought many people to the Pulse Nightclub Memorial.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Several people visiting the memorial at Pulse Nightclub on Sunday took the time to honor not only the victims killed there, but the recent victims who lost their lives in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Pastor Roger Hayes was down the street from Pulse and decided to pray for the families going through this devastating time.

"Looking at what’s being going on in our nation, certainly this weekend just to see the hatred that has been zoned that love really does conquer that," Hayes explained.

Over the weekend, nine people were killed in Dayton less that 24 hours after 20 people were gunned down at a shopping center in El Paso.

The recent violence brought Victor Chavez and his family to Pulse on Sunday. They are in town visiting from Arizona and wanted to stop by to pay their respects.

"It gives me the chills to be here as everything is happening in other parts of the world," Chavez said.

Written messages of those hurt by the recent mass shootings can be seen right outside the nightclub. Many expressing their opinions about gun violence. 

On Sunday, the onePulse Foundation released a statement which reads:

"We were shocked and devastated to wake up to news of yet another shooting, less than 24 hours since the tragedy in El Paso, that took 9 lives in Dayton, Ohio. We must end the hate epidemic that's plauging our nation. We will not let hate win.

We urge you to show our Orlando United support for these communities by donating blood.

To Pulse survivors and survivors everywhere: Please practice self care during these triggering moments. Turn off media outlets, connect with loved ones, spend time outside, journal, exercise, whatever will help you through these troubling times."

If you wish to help and donate blood, click here.