Body camera shows night Markeith Loyd taken to police HQ

Law enforcement provide their perspective during use-of-force investigation

ORLANDO, Fla. – Newly released documents and body camera footage show more details about what happened the night accused murderer Markeith Loyd was captured by Orlando-area law enforcement.

The information was released on Monday by the Office of the State Attorney for the 18th Judicial Circuit after investigators determined the use of force in Loyd's apprehension in 2017 was justified.

Body camera footage showed officers transporting Loyd to the Orlando Police Department headquarters the night of Jan. 17, 2017, soon after he was taken into custody.

The video showed Loyd in handcuffs and yelling at news reporters, "they beat me."

Audio of interviews conducted by investigators probing the use-of-force show differing opinions and observations made by many members of law enforcement on the scene that night.

One said he didn't want to have anything to do with the "dogpile on Loyd."

Others said they heard officers yelling, "stop resisting."

Another said he didn't think officers committed any crimes in beating Loyd that night, explaining that

Loyd was wearing a bulletproof vest, and they didn't know what else might be waiting inside the home he was seen crawling out of.

Loyd was charged with killing his ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon,  in late 2016, and murdering Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton in January, 2017.

His first murder trial was scheduled to begin in September.


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