Community gets results for family after suspected lightning fire destroys home

Family says they lost everything, neighbors donate goods

EDGEWATER, Fla. – After a fire believed to be caused by lightning damaged a home in Volusia County, neighbors are helping get results.

The Bushong family said they lost everything in Tuesday's fire. With a set of twins set to start middle school Monday, the damage has created a devastating setback.

Kathleen Bushong said that just after 3 p.m. Tuesday, she heard a loud lightning strike near her home on Azalea Drive. Moments later, she worked to get her family outside, including her 1-week-old granddaughter.

"I heard this big clap. So, I came out," said Bushong. "I could see smoke coming out of the light."

Her neighbor, Tammy Auborn, posted photos onto social media, showing the extensive damage. The photos sparking a warm response from the community, as they stepped in to help the family get results.

"You think you're there by yourself. But, when something like this happens, and you see the massive, I'm talking about the massive response," Bushong said.

Auborn said Bushong has inspired a lot of people in their community, fostering more than 30 children during the past 40 years.

Then, in her mid 60's she adopted twins under her care, who now that are set to begin sixth grade.

"There are a few people that have really touched my heart, and really helped me along the way and Kathleen Bushong was one of them," said Auborn. "Even in her struggles, she manages to come out on top. She's just an amazing person."

Bushong said that she didn't realize how many people in her area she has made an impact on, helping dozens of children who needed a safe and loving home.

"Children have such potential. We don't realize how much. But, the best thing for me, the best gift I ever received is the kids taught me about myself," said Bushong.

Even when it comes to donations for themselves, Bushong is being modest. She said her twins only need basic essentials.

"We don't become greedy," said Bushong.

Bushong hopes even during the devastation of their home being damaged in a fire, her children and community keep in mind that helping others is priority.

"It is overwhelming. I just hope, I tell my children, my foster children, 'Now we've done this, when you're older, it's your turn to go out and do it,'" said Bushong.

If you would like to help, donation jars have been placed at the following locations:
30th Street Station Bar and Grill located at 3001 India Palm Drive, Edgewater, FL 32141
Judy's Hair Design located at 1848 Renzulli Road, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 
In & Out Cellular Repair located at 2327 S Ridgewood Ave., Edgewater, FL 32141

You can also click on this fundraising page to make a donation.


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