Four teens arrested in shooting that injured 41-year-old Deland man

Youngest suspect is 14, according to police


DELAND, Fla. – Deland police arrested four teenagers Wednesday in connection with a shooting that left a man injured.

Police say Thomas Lacorte II suffered a gunshot wound to the chest Tuesday afternoon at the Candlelight Oaks subdivision. His injury was not life-threatening.

The victim's son, Walker, told a detective that he and his father had gone to a home on Sherwood Drive for a drug deal. They intended to sell marijuana to someone who contacted them over Snapchat, according to police.

When they got there, a 17-year-old boy got inside their car. The teen inspected the drug and then pulled a gun from his waistband and demanded their belongings, according to DPD. 

Walker told police multiple boys with handguns came out of the home and surrounded their car and took items from the Lacortes. 

The victim's son told officers that's when his father got a gun from a bag of their belongings and pointed it at the group as he backed out of the driveway of the home. The boys fired at the car several times as the victim and his son tried to get away, according to a DPD release. 

Walker worked with officers and identified three other teens involved in the incident. Their ages are 17,15 and 14. 

All four teens are charged with robbery with a firearm using a deadly weapon and aggravated battery.


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