People are texting their 'number neighbor' and the responses are hilarious

Latest challenge requires texting stranger, posting response

ORLANDO, Fla. – The internet has done it again with the "number neighbor" challenge.

You've probably seen it on social media: People texting someone whose phone number is just like theirs, but the last digit is off by one, then posting their responses online.

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According to Mashable.com. the challenge was inspired by a Twitter trend. But this isn't the first time it has made its rounds.

We first saw it in 2008, when the term "text door neighbor" was coined. In 2016, it came back around when people began texting the number below theirs to strike up a conversation, the website said.

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It again captivated the internet last week when a Twitter user posted screenshots of a conversation with his number neighbor that went viral.

It didn't go exactly as he'd hoped.

He then challenged other Twitter users to text their number neighbors and share their conversations. Of course, they delivered.

And some of their responses are absolutely hilarious.

Some people have even taken it a step further, texting multiple number neighbors.

For example, if their number is 555-555-5555, they've probably texted 555-555-5554, 555-555-5556 and so forth and so on. And now they're basically one big happy family.

Others are still waiting on their number neighbor to make the first move.

Have you received a text from your number neighbor? Maybe you were first to text them. Let us know in the comments below how the conversations went.

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