Officials catch 400-pound gator suspected of eating 100-pound dog

Florida woman mourns loss of her dog, Tank

A massive gator is suspected of eating a 100-pound dog.
A massive gator is suspected of eating a 100-pound dog.

AUBURNDALE, Fla.***10:44 p.m. 8/8/2019*** 

WTSP is reporting an alligator was caught at the pond where the dog was attacked in Auburndale.

Cynthina Robinson thanked the men who caught the gator.

Robinson said the gator killed her 6-year-old dog named Tank.

Crews used alligator distress noises to attract the animal, according to WTSP.

Trappers estimate the gator is at least 400 pounds.

Trappers said the alligator will be euthanized now. 


A woman in Central Florida says an alligator ate her 100-pound dog.

Cynthia Robinson told investigators in Auburndale, Florida that she was walking her 6-year-old dog, Tank, by a retention pond on Thursday when the gator attacked.

Robinson told Spectrum Bay News 9 that she wanted to help her dog, but the alligator was huge and Tank didn't stand a chance.

A trapper with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been sent to the park to search for the gator.