The Weekly Newsletter: Starting the new school year with improvements

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Were you unable to catch a few newscasts last week or didn't see what's trending on Below is a list of big stories as well as a recap of this week's interview on "The Weekly."

Safety, mental health take center stage for new school year

While students and teachers spent some summer days relaxing and being away from school, district leaders were making some changes ahead of the 2019-2020 school year. Seminole County Superintendent Dr. Walt Griffin spoke to News 6 anchor Justin Wamorth about safety and mental health being top of mind for the district. The district is one of many that have the established the Foritfy Florida app as a way of communicating with officials in the event of suspicious activity. 

Boy dies after being trapped in front-loading washer

Orlando police are warning parents to take extra precaution, especially if their kids tend to play hide-and-seek around the house. The tragedy is spotlighting the dangers of washers, dryers or any household appliance where it's easy for a child to climb into. 

#PotDaddy: Attorney John Morgan leads push to legalize recreational marijuana

He led efforts to legalize medical marijuana in Florida back in 2016, and now attorney John Morgan is calling for legalizing recreational marijuana for anyone 21 and over and selling it in the state. 

Lightning strike causes toilet to explode

When you got to go, maybe hold off from going to the bathroom until after a major storm passes at home. Click here to see see what one Florida woman said caused her toilet to explode. 

Boy calls 911 for pizza order, then returns favor to officers

When Sanford police officers arrive to Manny Beshara's home, they gave him a lesson on misusing 911 but also, what he had been craving -- a pizza. To see how Manny returned the favor to officers, click here. 

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