Rising waters swamp roads in Avalon Park

Crews could not find blockage in the drains

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Rising waters swamped roads in Avalon Park.

News 6 viewers sent pictures from Monday’s heavy rains.

One viewer said she saw flooding in the area of Peppervine and Lake Live Oak drives.

"We reviewed the pond and the pond’s water level is high and we are checking to see if the pond can be lowered and to check if it is functioning as designed," said Doreen Overstreet, assistant manager of Orange County government said.

Orange County Public Works said the area experienced more than two inches of rain in about five hours.

"High amount of rain in a short duration can also overburden the system temporarily and cause flooding," Overstreet said.

Public Works officials said they have reviewed the drainage systems and found no blocked pipes.