Popeyes Chicken sparks Twitter battle among fast food chains

Seems like these peeps got beef


ORLANDO, Fla. – Popeyes Chicken announced a new chicken sandwich and basically broke the internet.

The fast food chain posted a photo of their Popeyes Chicken Sandwich to let their fans know they've upped their chicken game. It unknowingly started some beef on Twitter. 

Fast food heavyweights jumped in to claim the chicken sandwich crown-- just take a look at the spicy tweets yourself.


The Great Chicken Sandwich War of 2019 all started with the innocent debut of a sandwich. Do Popeyes listed ingredients sound familiar? Don't worry, Chick-fil-A caught on too.



Popeyes clearly took this vague mathematical equation as a subtweet. Their subtle clapback would set the entire Chicken Sandwich War into motion.



Chick-fil-A didn't fire back. Instead, Boston Market jumped on the digital combat with admittedly, an odd strategy. If you're wondering if they sell a chicken sandwich -- they don't. Instead, they touted another house specialty, their mac 'n' cheese. Let's just call this clapback a cheesy blow.



Boston Market's burn was enough to turn this war crispy. Then a big name jumped in the ring. Let's not forget when Wendy's dropped their fire mixtape "We Beefin?" Their album's message is clear: they don't consider anyone else to be competition. Wendy's is notorious for their blunt and witty tweets, the fast food chain makes it clear it does not do corny content. That's why their clapback might have well ended the whole war.



If we're talking mac 'n' cheese and spicy nuggets, Popeyes knew they had to pull out their speciality. It fired back with its big guns for its next display of social sass -- its iconic biscuits.



The war has cooled off, for now. The internet can determine a winner, but you can determine who has the better chicken sandwich. Give us your opinion in the poll below.




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