Victim regrets confrontation with sword-wielding man over garden cart

Oakland Park resident can't believe man appeared willing to kill over cart

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. – Todd Beavers said he still couldn't believe he nearly died over a garden cart he found in a pile of trash outside a home that was for sale in Oakland Park. 

It has been more than a month since the attack, and detectives are still searching for the man who wielded a sword, according to News 6 sister station WPLG.

"I saw a cart in the pile and I thought, 'I could use that,'" Beavers, 48, said.

It appears another man wanted the cart, too. He chased him for about half a mile. 

"I turned behind me and he had a sword out chasing me, so I just kept running," Beavers said, adding that he didn't let go of the cart. 

Beavers ordered the guy to stay off his property and warned him that he had security cameras. The warning caused the man to retreat, but a woman who had also followed him took the cart when Beavers left it unattended.

Beavers regrets the struggle over the cart and said he feels lucky he wasn't harmed. 

"I guess he could have really hurt me, and that would have been even worse," Beavers said.

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