Winter Springs woman warns pet owners after her dog was attacked

Dog is expected to make a full recovery

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – A Winter Springs woman wants to warn pet owners about a wild animal in her neighborhood after her dog was attacked. 

Joyce Catogni said her terrier, Trillby, is recovering after he was caught in the jaws of a bobcat in her backyard when she let him out.

"I know what a bobcat looks like, I've lived in Florida all my life," Catogni said. "I was born and raised here, so I know it was either a bobcat or a wildcat, and it was a very good-sized one."

Catogni said when she went to her back door and called out to Trillby, he started walking toward her slowly. 

When she called him again, she said she realized he was injured.

"I could see there was blood on his neck, and when I saw the blood, I went and woke my husband up," Catogni said.

Catogni said an emergency veterinarian examined Trillby and treated him for puncture wounds.

"There were claw marks or gashes all the way around the neck," she said.

Catogni said it is only a matter of time before a small child is attacked.

"If I had children here I would be scared to death," Catogni said. "My grandson is only 17 months old and he would play out in my backyard."

Catogni said she has contacted Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission but has not heard back yet. Trillby is expected to make a full recovery but is still undergoing treatment.

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