Tree trimming service prepares for Tropical Storm Dorian

Viera homeowner worried dead palm tree could damage property

VIERA, Fla. – A few days before the threat of Tropical Storm Dorian, the phones started to ring at tree trimming services in Brevard County.

Tuesday, Tree Tech Pro's of Rockledge removed two large palm trees from Bill McClure's yard in Viera.

"That one could cause some damage," McClure said of the dead palm tree in his front yard.

The owner of Tree Tech Pro's said McClure made a good call. The safe way to remove trees, branches and other yard debris is before the storm when the environment can be controlled.

"Especially with the storm coming, it could crack down easily," James Falvey, the owner of the tree trimming service said.

Tree Tech Pro's has trimmed trees through all the major Central Florida storms since 2003.

Falvey said during Hurricane Irma, his workers got 500 calls in two days.

"It was insane," he remembered.

Falvey said the demand for service is already starting to pick up again a few days before Dorian's potential impact on Brevard County.

"We're ready for it. We've got all the equipment we need," he said. "All the guys are covered for worker's compensation and we know what we're doing."

McClure remembered the damage done by another tropical storm back in 2008.

"Fay hung off the coast and put 27 inches of rain down I think that was worse than a hurricane," the Viera homeowner said.

Falvey advised other homeowners who need services before the storm to call a tree trimming service immediately. 

"There's only so many tree services in the area, so the sooner the phone call goes in, the better," he said.

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