Sixth, final suspect arrested in fatal January home invasion

Markos Asmat charged with first-degree murder

From left to right: Ashley Deane-Webb, Markos Asmat, Ramon Fernandez, Taylor Massey, Daquon Gathers and Michael Salgado Soto.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Orange County detectives said Wednesday they have made a sixth and final arrest in the death of 20-year-old Alexander Correa, who was fatally shot during a home invasion robbery in January.

The home invasion happened Jan. 14 at a home on Port Simbor Avenue, less than 5 miles from the University of Central Florida.

According to court documents, five people broke into the home thinking marijuana was being grown inside.

At some point, the documents said, there was a struggle that resulted in Correa being fatally shot.

Alex Correa, 20, (right), was killed in a home invasion in Orange County, according to his family. (Photo: William Correa, left)

Officials with the Sheriff's Office said Markos Asmat was arrested earlier this week on first-degree murder charges.

Previously officials with the Sheriff's Office had said Ramon Fernandez was the final arrest in the case. Fernandez was identified as a suspect in February and arrested in the Brooklyn borough of New York in May on a first-degree murder warrant.

In February, the first four suspects were arrested: Ashley Deane-Webb, Michael Salgado Soto, Taylor Massey and Daquon Gathers were arrested in the murder.