Sailboat crashes into bridge after Dorian moves across Florida coast

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – Imagine anchoring your boat one night and coming back to nothing -- that's what happened to one man in Brevard County.

The man used three separate anchors to keep his boat docked at Eau Gallie Pier in Brevard County ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

He hoped that when he came back the next morning his boat would still be in the no wake zone where he left it.

When the man returned to the pier his boat was gone.

While most of the state was spared severe weather, the wind and storm surge did wreak havoc on Florida's coastal areas.

The wind and waves were so powerful that the anchored vessel was taken out to open water. 

The boat had come to a rest next to a bridge. But the winds were so powerful that the mast on the boat collided with a bridge, snapping it in half.

The crash was caught on camera by some of the boat owner's friends.

The boat went underwater after massive waves overtook the vessel. 

Many boat owners visited the marina Wednesday morning hoping for a much better sight.

News 6's Lauren Cervantes was at the pier where the boat was once anchored and she reports that one man decided to ride the storm out and stayed onboard his boat while Hurricane Dorian moved through Central Florida.

Hurricane Dorian's center is moving parallel to Florida's northeastern coast as it churns north-northwest in the Atlantic.