Residents in Orlando neighborhood worry about speeding near schools

City has conducted surveys

Residents on Kaley Street say they're worried about drivers speeding near schools.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Marilyn Cimino lives on East Kaley Street between Boone High School and Kaley Elementary School.

She said drivers are constantly speeding down the street in front of her home. She also said it's a street that sees a high volume of traffic.

Cimino said she contacted the City of Orlando with her traffic safety concerns and they did a survey.

"There was excessive traffic as well as speeding," Cimino said.

News 6 called and emailed the Orlando Police Department to convey residents' concerns.

"The Orlando Police Department takes the safety of the traveling public very seriously and the concerns of our citizens. Our Transportation Engineering Division conducted two studies in 2017 and in 2018. The 2017 study compared to the 2018 showed a tremendous decrease in speeding. In 2017 over 90% of vehicles were over 25 mph with the 85th percentile being 36 mph.  The 2018 study showed the average speed is under 25 mph.  Since the study we continue to monitor and enforce traffic violations. Please know we take all complaints serious. The safety of our residents is important but overall we see a decrease in that area," Orlando police officials said in a statement.

However, residents said they continue to see drivers speeding through the residential area.

Residents said it's also concerning to see so many drivers disobeying the law and speeding with two schools in the area and a lot of children walking around.

About the Author:

Lauren Cervantes was born and raised in the Midwest but calls Florida her second home. She joined News 6 in August 2019 as a reporter.