Boo the giant anteater gets wellness exam at Brevard Zoo

Giving an anteater a checkup is no easy task

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Here's something you don't see every day, a giant anteater getting a checkup at the Brevard Zoo.

Boo, a 17-year-old giant anteater, underwent a routine wellness exam at Brevard Zoo Tuesday.

Nine animal care professionals took part in the procedure, including three veterinarians.

"The checkup entailed blood draws for laboratory testing, vaccinations, radiographs, a sonogram and an inspection of overall body condition. Most exams end with a dental cleaning, but this was not necessary for Boo because anteaters do not have teeth," the zoo said.

Anteaters are toothless so an inspection of her tongue was also on the to-do list.

One thing you wouldn't want is to be scratched by the insectivorous mammal. They are equipped with sharp foreclaws that can tear through a termite mound with one flick of the wrist.

In order to protect the zoo staff, Boo's claws were wrapped with medical gauze.

According to the zoo, the procedure lasted about 2 hours and medical staff found no concerns with her health.

Boo currently resides behind the scenes, but animal fans can visit her in a brand-new habitat when the Zoo's Rainforest Revealed exhibit opens in November. 

Watch Boo's wellness exam below.