Florida man accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend at knifepoint

Documents say he demanded she take him to Walmart


MARION COUNTY, Fla. – A man is behind bars Tuesday, accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend.

Marion County deputies responded to a kidnapping call at a Walmart at 34 Bahia Avenue in Ocala Monday morning.

Deputies made contact with the two victims who said 27-year-old William Thorton held them against their will, according to an arrest report. Deputies learned Thorton was previously in a relationship with one of them.

The victims told deputies they were outside their home getting about to get into their car when Thorton approached them from behind with a knife. Thorton held his knife against one of the victims, demanding the two get into the car and drive him wherever he wanted to go, according to the arrest report.

The victims told Thorton they were originally on their way to get McDonald's for one of the victim's sons. He told them to drive to that location. While en route to the fast-food restaurant, Thorton threatened that if the victims were to try to escape or call attention to the vehicle, he would shoot and kill them, according to arrest documents.

As the victims approached McDonald's, they headed to the drive-thru but Thorton told them to park near the side of the building. They all stayed inside the vehicle for an hour as Thorton pleaded with one of the victims to fix their relationship. She told deputies Thorton had been harassing her since she ended their relationship.

At the McDonald's, Thorton left the car and told the victims he was going to hide his gun and knife in shrubs near the building. Once he got back in the car, he told the two to take him to Walmart where he would let him out.

Once there, Thorton told the two he lied about getting rid of the gun and threatened to kill and shoot them both in the parking lot, according to the arrest report. A victim told deputies she heard what sounded like a gun racking and rushed out of the car. The other victim grabbed the keys and also left the car. Thorton grabbed a victim and tried to force her back in the car, according to arrest documents. The other victim screamed and Thorton let go of the woman and ran from the area.

Both of the victims ran into the Walmart and called law enforcement.

Surveillance video shows the parking lot incident, assisting deputies to make the arrest at Thorton's home in Clay County.

Court records show Thorton has criminal history in Marion and Clay Counties. He is now being held in the Clay County Jail on no bond facing a kidnapping charge.

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