Fight an evil rock band in Boardwalk Bowl's new virtual reality game

Hyperdeck game opens Friday

ORLANDO, Fla. – Travel to a parallel universe that is oddly reminiscent of the 1980s at Boardwalk Bowl's newest virtual reality attraction. 

In East Orange County, Hyperdeck is promising an immersive experience for all ages to enjoy. Players have to band together to defend their planet against a heavy metal rock god.

"We want to offer something for everybody; the adults, the kids, the seniors-- everybody to be immersed," Betsy López, Director of sales and marketing said.

Boardwalk Bowl has 80 bowling lanes and a few feet away, Hyperdeck has been set up with mounted controllers. The four-player game was brought from Hershey Park, Pennsylvania. It includes a multi-sensory experience like strong winds, heat and a full-motion floor. Guests will move along as they fight an evil rock band that has taken power and energy from the players.

"It's actually the first one in the nation," López said.

Inside the more than 100,000 square foot space, guests can also enjoy traditional games, arcade games, music and food.

Guests will have to pay $10 per play and $8 to repeat play.

The Hyperdeck experience opens to the public Friday.

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