Commissioner Regina Hill defends OPD's actions

'What I saw was not brutality,' Hill says

ORLANDO, Fla. – Markeith Loyd has repeatedly claimed police beat him as they took him into custody Tuesday night.

Police released helicopter video showing Loyd's takedown and what appears to be a law enforcement officer kicking Loyd during his arrest.

Loyd was in jail Thursday night with his face wrapped up in bandages. Police said video of the Loyd's arrest has launched an investigation on the "use of force."

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News 6 spoke Thursday to Commissioner Regina Hill, and she said she has no sympathy for Loyd.

"I find it funny and ironic that he was able to gun down women, but when he was now confronted by men, he crawled on his belly and wanted mercy," Hill said.

Hill believes police did what they needed to do.

"They showed great strength with bringing him in alive," Hill said. "What I saw was not brutality. What I saw was a very viciously and vile man apprehended that we could not put anymore lives in harm's way."

After what looks like a kick to the face, the helicopter quickly pans off the accused cop killer. In a press conference Thursday afternoon, Chief John Mina said officers weren't taking any chances.

"He could of had guns that was in his waistband and it could of been a setup to kill more officers, which he said he would do," Hill said.

As Loyd was being taken into custody, he yelled at News 6's camera, claiming officers beat him. OPD is now investigating the use of force.

Loyd's facial injuries were obvious in his first appearance Thursday morning. The accused murderer showed no remorse for his actions, later cursing at the judge.

"His family now can go to the jail and visit him, friends and family of Sade and Officer Clayton now have to go to a cold grave that he put them in to visit her," Hill said. "This was a dangerous man. They did need to apprehend him the way that they did."

OPD said the helicopter video is the only video showing the arrest. They said no other officers had body cameras on during the takedown.