Missouri bar charges customers by the hour, not by the drink

Drink for $10 an hour

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This new bar doesn’t sell drinks, it sells time.

At Open Concept, a new bar in St. Louis, Missouri, customers pay by the hour to drink instead of by the beverage. 

You can drink as much as you can legally handle for $10 an hour and your time doesn’t start until you grab your first drink. 

The bar says on its website to forget what you are used to and come enjoy a unique experience. 

The menu includes many specialty drinks, standing cocktails, wine and beer. For $10 more an hour you can upgrade to top-shelf choices, additional beer offerings and straight shots. 

Open Concept offers a 2,500-square foot space with three large projector screens. 

While food isn’t served, you can order in any food you’d like. 

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Open Concept means an 2,500 sqft large open space, 3 100’ large projector screens, 4 50’ TV screens, a 100 sqft stage,...

Posted by Open Concept on Saturday, September 7, 2019

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