Police: 91-year-old woman, daughter robbed in front of home

Younger woman pepper-sprayed, purses stolen in robbery

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Witnesses jumped into action after Daytona Beach police said a man robbed a 91-year-old woman and her daughter on Thursday morning.

Police are now searching for the man who stole the women's purses and pepper-sprayed the younger woman. They're also searching for a woman who was the getaway driver.

"We just heard piercing screaming and I thought it was the TV or something," Jimmy Harper said.

Harper said he walked outside and learned his neighbors were unloading groceries when the car pulled up at the corner of North Peninsula Drive and Riverview Boulevard.

"She had the spray on her and her eye was burning. They sprayed her with the pepper spray and grabbed the purses. I don't know if they said anything, it was just disgusting," Harper said.

Another witness biked over to the car and jotted down the license plate before it took off.

"One of the witnesses tried to get the tag and the suspect may have waved the gun at him right over here at the corner," Deputy Chief Jakari Young said.

Police were still on scene when News 6 arrived and said they believe the suspects followed the women from a nearby grocery store. Authorities also released pictures of the suspects' car.

"We have technology all throughout the city. So, once they went over that bridge, we were able to get the tag number of the car. I think we got a good chance of catching these guys," Young said. "It's pretty brazen to do this in broad daylight like this."

The women declined to comment but police said they were not injured.

"We all keep an eye out for each other. And they chose this couple just unloading their groceries. It's quiet around here normally, so it was just an opportunity I believe. Just driving by and seeing an opportunity," Harper said.

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