'Don't tase me, dude:' Video shows take down of felony suspect in Mount Dora

Charles Anthony Gunn was on the run for hours, authorities say

MOUNT DORA, Fla. – A wanted felony suspect stopped running from an officer for a few moments to ask the cop not to use his Taser on him only to take off just a few moments later, according to the video provided by the Mount Dora Police Department.

The video shows the end of an incident that began in Orange County the night of Oct. 14 and ended in Mount Dora around 5 p.m. the next day.

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Charles Anthony Gunn committed an armed robbery at Vincent's Italian Restaurant then led deputies on a chase, which ended in a crash.

Gunn fled from the wreckage and although a search was conducted at a vacant Mount Dora public works building where he was believed to have fled, he remained on the lam for hours, records show.

Body camera video shows the chase began in a wooded part of a residential area.

"Hey, get out of the woods. You're going to get (expletive) tased," a Mount Dora officer said.

With his Taser drawn, the officer continues chasing Gunn out through the brush and onto a residential street where the pursuit continues through yards, the footage shows.

As the officer closed in, Gunn stopped running to make a request.

"Don't tase me, dude," Gunn said, according to the video.

The prongs of the officer's Taser appear to partially make contact with Gunn, but did not shock him.

Once the prongs were fully off, video shows Gunn started running again, this time with witnesses nearby. 

Within about six seconds, the officer tackled Gunn to the ground in the front yard of a home.

"Let me go, dog," Gunn said.

"No," the officer replied.

After that moment, the audio is redacted from the video but it shows officers placing handcuffs on Gunn.

Gunn is facing multiple charges.

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