Police search for men accused of robbing Palm Bay fast food restaurant

No one injured


PALM BAY, Fla. – Palm Bay police are searching for two men who stormed into a Wendy’s restaurant and held employees at bay while they robbed the safe, News 6 partner Florida Today reported.

No one was injured but the restaurant crew was shaken by the robbery, police report.

The robbery took place about 1 a.m. Tuesday at the Wendy’s restaurant, 1755 Palm Bay Road, just east of Babcock Street. 

Police said the two masked men followed an employee, who was taking out trash, into the restaurant. 

“They then held three or four employees at gunpoint. The video shows them walking them back and forth. One of them tried to knock the cameras out,” said Lt. Mike Smith of the Palm Bay Police Department. 

Police said the men targeted the safe and then left.

It was not immediately known if they got away with any money. Police said it was also not known how the pair left the restaurant. 

The workers were in the process of closing when the robbery took place.

“They were not harmed, but you could see the fear in their eyes,” Smith said. 

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call police at 321-952-3456.