Video: Belle Isle officer continues directing traffic after being hit by DUI suspect

'If you hit me, you're going to get shot,' officer warns fleeing driver

BELLE ISLE, Fla. – Newly released body camera shows a Belle Isle police officer continuing to direct traffic after being hit by a vehicle driven by a DUI suspect.

The incident took place Monday afternoon as students and buses were being dismissed outside Cornerstone Charter Academy, police said.

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The video, which was released Wednesday, shows a man coming up to Officer Burns, telling him the DUI suspect, identified as Pablo Ramos Ramon, was driving dangerously near the school.

"He's too many accident," the man told the officer. "He's crazy, man. He's crazy. He's dangerous."

The man kept telling Ramon, who was driving a yellow vehicle, to relax.

Burns told Ramon to stop because he was going to write him a ticket. Ramon stopped for a moment and asked Burns why.

"Why? Because you didn't follow a traffic control device back there through the intersection. That's why," Burns said to the suspect. "See that line on the ground that says ‘right turn only?' You came straight through the intersection."

Ramon can be seen starting to move the vehicle again when Burns again tells him to stop.

"Stop you're car. If you hit me, you're going to get shot," Burns said.

Ramon mumbles, "No, I'm not" before striking the officer's leg and speeding away from the school, the video shows.

At that point, Burns radios in to notify other officers that he was just hit by a driver who fled, but that he was OK.

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"He hit my left leg. I'm OK, but he took off and continued at a high rate of speed," Burns said into his radio.

Still, Burns continued directing traffic outside the school.

A short time later, other officers arrived at the school to check on Burns, who said he was fine once more before the video ended.

"It's fine. He kind of just brushed my leg here. It's fine," Burns said.

Ramon, 22, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence and aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer.

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