ORLANDO, Fla. – Parents to three children have been arrested by the Orlando County Sheriffs Office after officials say the children were living in squalor.

Shawn Clark and Scott Clark, 64, were arrested by the OCSO after officials found the three children living in filth, according to an arrest report.

When deputies responded to the home, they immediately smelled a strong odor of ammonia and feces.

According to officials, the home was in disarray with clothes and garbage scattered about
in every room.

As deputies went through the rest of the house, they found feces on the walls as well as spread on the children's beds, the report said.

According to the report, the youngest child is left in the room alone -- which is why the child "finger paints" with feces from their diaper.

The children told deputies they were always hungry.

Deputies noted the refrigerator and pantry were infested with roaches and covered in roach droppings.

According to the report, the children told deputies that Scott spanks them and is always in the room alone, either resting or watching the news.

The children also told officials that they don't take showers unless they pee on the bed and the parents don't make them brush their teeth.

The children were placed in the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

Shawn and Scott Clark were taken to the Orange County Jail and charged with three counts of child neglect. Scott Clark is being held without bond.