Temps hit 91 in Orlando, warmest Halloween on record

Sanford also hit a Halloween record

ORLANDO, Fla. – Temps hit 91 in Orlando and Sanford on Thursday. According to the National Weather Service, this is warmest Halloween on record.

The previous record in Orlando for Halloween temps was 90 degrees, set in 1922.

The previous record in Sanford Halloween temps was 90 degrees, set in 1980.

Temps throughout Central Florida were in the high 80s.

This wasn’t the case for the northwest part of the state.

Pensacola only had temps of 50 degrees at one point Thursday.

Temps were in the 30s in Chicago.

The 90 degree temps in Orlando won’t last.

Temps could hit 59 on Saturday.

The cold front won’t last that long as temps could hit 87 by Tuesday.

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