Southwest flight to Orlando sings 3-year-old girl 'Happy Birthday'

No candles allowed, but call lights will do

ORLANDO, Fla. – On a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Orlando recently, the entire manifest of passengers made a little girl's birthday extra special.

News 6 reporter Lauren Cervantes was flying back from Chicago when she captured the adorable birthday celebration.

Kylie was turning 3 years old and everyone on board the plane was invited to help her celebrate by singing "Happy Birthday."

Since no flames are allowed on an airplane, the flight crew asked passengers to get creative, instead lighting up their call lights and turning them off as Kylie "blew" them all out.

In the video, you can see Kylie smiling and the passengers enjoying the special moment, too.

WATCH: Cute moment on my flight from Chicago to Orlando— look how we celebrated a little girl’s birthday on board! This was so great!

Posted by Lauren Cervantes News 6 on Monday, November 4, 2019



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