2 dogs killed by roaming dog in Groveland neighborhood

Dog's owner fined, neighbors want more

GROVELAND, Fla. – Some residents of a Groveland neighborhood said they do not want a neighbor's dog to return after it was impounded for attacking a man and his dog.

According to a citation from Lake County Animal Services, the dog known as Kodi was seen roaming free on Red Kite Drive on Sunday.

Antonio Tate said he was walking his dog, Cocoa, and that's when Kodi attacked both of them.

"I got all cut up on my hands and my knees," he told News 6. "I got scraped up. I was able to fight the dog off, and the neighbors came out to help me distract the dog. I picked up my dog, and she’s bleeding all over me, and I ran home and told my wife we need to go right now to the emergency room."

Four days earlier, on Oct. 30, Dominique Warner said something similar happened right outside her front door.

"My children called me, and they were screaming, crying down the phone, 'you need to get home,'" she said.

She said her home surveillance cameras captured a dog that looked like Kodi picking her dog up by its mouth.

"The dog standing in my yard right over there with the dog in its mouth, and my son was running out screaming.  It was just horrific," she said.

Other neighbors shared surveillance video with News 6 showing a dog roaming unleashed in the neighborhood.

On Oct. 30, Lake County Animal Services fined the dog's owner for letting it roam free.
On Sunday, workers took the dog to the Lake County Animal Shelter, where it's currently under a 10-day quarantine.

Neighbors say they want the dog declared dangerous, and they don't want it to return to their neighborhood, but Lake County officials say that is not an easy declaration.

"There is a process where a case would go before a special master and be presented in order to make that designation," said Lake County Sheriff's spokesman Fred Jones.

In this case, he said the owner has more than $1,000 in fines that would have to be paid, and it would be up to the shelter if there are additional stipulations.

"I would like the dog euthanized for the safety of the community and for everyone," Warner said.

"I think that dog should be definitely put down," Tate said. "It should not be in a neighborhood like this with small kids."

News 6 knocked on the dog owner's door Tuesday night to ask him what he thought.

Even though voices could be heard inside the house, no one answered the door.

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