Orange County deputies continue search for suspect from shooting in January

Woman who was shot in January, passed away from injuries on on Oct. 29

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – An Orlando woman found shot in her car in January has died due to her injuries, deputies say. Her shooter is still at large as of Tuesday.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said Tabitha Tavernier was gravely injured in the shooting and never recovered. She died Oct. 29.

Tavernier's, mother Michelle Jenkins, is still trying to strike a balance between strength and sorrow after her daughter's death.

"She was my world, she always will be my world," said Jenkins.

Deputies originally found the 33-year-old with a gunshot wound in her car. The car had crashed 25 feet into a water drainage canal Jan. 7.

Authorities say she was unconscious when she was found in the 1900 block of Americana Boulevard near Orlando.

"They came to my house at 12:30 and told me she had been shot and that she was having emergency surgery," said Jenkins

Police previously said they believe a confrontation in the car led to the shooting. 

After the shooting Jenkins said her daughter was rendered paralyzed.

"She was quadriplegic so everything had to be done for her. You had to feed her, you had to bathe her, you had to brush her hair, you had to do everything for her," said Jenkins

The Sheriff's Office said this case is now with its homicide unit, which will continue with the investigation.

The family said they just want justice.

"It isn't fair for her to have to go through everything she went through," said Jenkins.

Tavernier leaves behind two children. 

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