Woman attempts to save dog dumped in St. Johns River

Vet told her she thinks Chance was used in a dogfighting ring

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – Rikki Nicole was called after two fisherman found a dog in the St. Johns River.

She rushed to the marina near the Gators Riverside Grille where the dog was found.

"Heartbroken, sick, disgusted, sad, every emotion that any animal lover could feel," Nicole said.

She named the dog Chance, in the hopes that she could give him a second chance at life.

However, she wasn't able to and had to make the difficult decision to put him down. Nicole said, "He wasn't strong enough, his organs were shutting down, he was too far gone."

She says Chance was found with puncture marks all over his body, and the vet who examined him told her, that he believed based on his injuries, Chance was used in a dogfighting ring. "He does believe that he was used as a bait dog," Nicole said.

Rikki says she's worked in a veterinarian office for years, and while she's taking a break from that, she's still very involved in animal rescue.

She tells News 6 she's not exactly sure how Chance ended up in the river, but she does believe someone put him there.

Nicole says a report was filed with Seminole County Animal Services.

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