Report of student with weapon causes lockdown at Colonial High

No weapon found

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A portion of Colonial High School was put on lockdown Thursday while authorities investigated a report of a student with a weapon, according to Orange County Public Schools.

Officials said the ninth grade center was “briefly” placed on a lockdown, which was lifted after the student was located and no weapon was found.

“All students and staff are safe,” principal Hector Maestre said in a recorded message to the campus community.

Sky 6 video from the scene showed Orange County deputies patrolling the campus around 1 p.m.

News 6 spoke parents who said they rushed to campus when they got the call from the principal to make sure their kids were okay.

“Kids were texting mom I love you, something is going on, please come pick me up so I was like oh my God you know,” said Jessica Rivera.

Rivera said she's happy deputies and school leaders responded fast.

"Oh yes. They were here immediately, they called us immediately and that’s the good thing about this school," said Rivera.

School officials are encouraging anyone who notices anything suspicious to report it by using the Fortify FL app, by calling Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS or tell an adult on campus.

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