Bus tour aimed at registering convicted felons to vote

Amendment 4 cleared the way for some people with criminal records to vote

Bus run by Florida Rights Restoration Coalition made a stop in Orlando on Friday.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- – ORLANDO, Fla. -- A bus tour designed to register people to vote in Florida made a big stop in Orlando on Friday.

The tour was organized by the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, which was one of the organizations behind Amendment 4.

Amendment 4 returned voting rights to people with felony criminal records in the state who had paid all of their fines and court costs.

Organizers of the bus tour, this weekend, said their goal is to get as many people registered as possible.

"Even with Amendment 4 passing, there was still a lot of confusion going on about Amendment 4," said Regional Director Marquis Mackenzie. "Basically, we have to engage individuals who don’t know about (it), and they don’t know that they can register because of Amendment 4, so it’s basically to let them know they can register."

The efforts began on Friday night in the parking lot of the Magic Mall in Orlando, where a car show was kicking off Classic Weekend.

Mackenzie said the bus will move closer to Camping World Stadium on Saturday to register as many people as possible.

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