Good Samaritans help woman out of burning car

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – Chris Loudermilk and his friend were on their way to go fishing on Thursday when they passed a car in flames and ran out to help save the woman inside.

Loudermilk said her leg was mangled and her body was still partially inside of the car when they found her.

The woman was trying to make a left turn from State Road 192 onto Harmony Square Drive, when a car hit her vehicle causing her car to spin out, according to witnesses.

The small group of good Samaritans worked to help the victim out of the burning car and to address her injuries.

The group used a belt as a tourniquet for her leg and did everything they could to help her before paramedics arrived, Loudermilk said.

Loudermilk says he and his friend didn’t think about the flames, they just reacted, pulling the woman away to safety.

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