Here are the best side dishes to eat on Thanksgiving

News 6 staff shares their favorite side dishes


ORLANDO, Fla. – The week of Thanksgiving always brings a conversation about the best dishes to serve on Thanksgiving.

Each family has a go-to recipe that is a hit every year.

The staff at News 6 shared their favorite parts of the Thanksgiving meal.

Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells


My wife makes stuffing with fruit and meat inside. It’s the best.”

Meteorologist Samara Cokinos

Deviled Eggs

“The meal doesn’t feel complete without deviled eggs.”

Sports Director Jamie Seh


Anchor Matt Austin

Baked Mac and Cheese

It’s a different kind of mac and cheese. It’s kind of eggy, kind of cheesy. It’s so good.”

Reporter Nicky Zizaza

Mashed Potatoes

I feel like it’s not Thanksgiving without it.”

Assignment Manager Jason Olson

Mashed Potatoes

“It’s one of my all-time favorites, plus I’m a picky eater.”

Assignment Editor Victoria Price

Green Bean Casserole

“It still makes you feel healthy because it has vegetables in it."

Investigative Producer Donovan Myrie


“I only have it around Christmas and Thanksgiving.”

Creative Services Producer Chris Selzer

Green Bean Casserole

“It’s what you need to complete your meal.”

Reporter Erik Sandoval

Sweet Potatoes

“I find the rest of the dinner is bland.”

Digital Content Manager Daniel Dahm


“When it comes to side dishes, stuffing is the epitome of Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a staple and absolute must! Because of that, make sure you do it right – like my Grandma did. Stuffing should be moist but not wet and full of flavor. Sourdough is the best way to go.”

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