Iconic neighborhood Christmas lights will shine on thanks to volunteers

Titusville display takes hundreds of hours to set up

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – Every holiday season, a waterfront home on Bowstring Court transforms with thousands of Christmas lights.

Jennifer Taylor said 30 years ago, her stepfather started what grew into a massive, yet also intimate, north Titusville attraction.

"Over the years, all the people that have come have just expressed their absolute joy," Taylor said. "They come and get their Christmas family pictures here. People get engaged here every year."

And every year it takes hundreds of hours to set it all up, but this year the house is well behind schedule.

"This year, there was a lot extra things happening," Taylor said. "We've always wondered when will it be the Christmas where it's too much to do."

Before anyone thought to break this tradition, Taylor asked for help on social media.

"An incredible outpouring of people, hundreds of people wanting to help, willing to help, so excited," she said.

And even before the volunteers show up, the children of the family were getting results Wednesday by cutting branches.

"It's such a wonderful gesture of the community to come and lend a hand for making many, many years of their Christmases special," Taylor said.

Volunteers are expected to start helping on Saturday.

The family expects the display to be completed in the next two weeks.

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