Volunteers help set up iconic Christmas display in Titusville

Holiday tradition continues to shine on

Volunteers are keeping the lights on of a Titusville holiday tradition.

More than a dozen volunteers spent their Saturday morning at the home on Bowstring Court to help hang the lights of the massive display.

"So many people in the community heard about it and have been willing to come and help," Jennifer Taylor, the display owner's step-daughter said.

Jeremy Laakso has been putting up lights at his home for decades, but the massive display went dark this year. He said life happened and he didn't have time to hang the hundreds of thousands of lights that cover his house and yard.

"There's nothing I can do. I was at the point where there was no way I could do it because it takes me six weeks at least to do it," Laakso said.

The community was saddened to learn this Christmas spectacle wasn't going to happen this year, so they got results.


Strangers showed up to the home on Saturday and helped put the display together.

They untangled strands of lights and tested bulbs. Volunteers hung lights in trees and climbed massive ladders to build a light wall.

Taylor said this outpouring of support shows just how much joy his display brings to the community.

"It's really neat to know that this has been so special to so many people," Taylor said.

She said it's going to take Christmas miracle to get the display done on time. Laakso is hopeful they can do, but said it is a massive undertaking.

"Let's hope it all comes together because there's so much to do," he said.

Taylor believes it will happen. She said the spirit of the season and what the display means to the thousands of people who come out every year to see the lights is motivating them.

"The community is wanting to see this through so we're going to see after this weekend where we stand," Taylor said. "And of course next weekend and if we need more help I'm sure people will come out and help."

Volunteers who are interested in helping can get more information on the Bowstring Light Brigade Facebook page.

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