Thanks to donors, Brevard Zoo will be able to treat six sea turtles

The average cost to treat an injured animal is $2,000

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MELBOURNE, Fla. – Over 200 Brevard Zoo members and other animal lovers pitched in $12,815 for the Zoo’s Sea Turtle Healing Center Wednesday, officials said.

The center helps to rehabilitate and release sick and injured sea turtles from Brevard County and beyond.

The fundraiser, which was held on social media, was part of GivingZOOday, an international campaign that aims to engage communities in local zoo and aquarium philanthropy, a news release said.

According to zoo officials, the average cost to treat an animal for release is $2,000. The money raised online will cover the rehabilitation expenses for six sea turtles.

“Brevard County is home to some of the world’s most critical sea turtle habitat, and our community takes great pride in that fact,” said Shanon Gann, the Zoo’s sea turtle program manager. “Yesterday they turned their passion into action, and we could not be more grateful for their support.”

If you weren’t able to donate on Tuesday but would still like to help, the Brevard Zoo accepts donations online. You can visit their website by clicking or tapping here.