‘Merry Impeachmas’ sign sparks controversy

Political message stirs Las Vegas neighborhodd

LAS VEGAS – This woman’s lights and decorations are a sign of the season. Not the holiday season, but the political season.

Her holiday display with a political message is stirring up controversy in a Las Vegas neighborhood.

Samantha Krerowicz’s holiday decorations center around a lighted sign that says “Merry Impeachmas.”

Since the decorations have gone up, Krerowicz’s house has been vandalized, according to KTNV. A window has been shattered, and there’s a hole in the screen and a large rock is still stuck in it.

“Sadly, I wasn’t shocked, I was upset. I still am. I don’t understand how anybody could think they have the right to do this,” Krerowicz told KTNV.

She’s used to incorporating politics into her decorations, like at Halloween when she spelled out the word “impeach” in pumpkins. Two letters disappeared during that time, Krerowicz said. This time around, things got worse as the vandalism included a carton of eggs being thrown at her home.

“But I get it, I get that right now things are politically charged, especially right now, but maybe because I can’t imagine doing this to somebody else, I didn’t think anyone would be doing it to me,” Krerowicz said.

Some neighbors don’t agree with the woman’s method or message.

"As big of a Trump fan as I am, I'm not going to put a sign out in front of my house because it will attract people doing things to my house,” Lloyd Power said.

Krerowicz told KTNV she’s in the process of filing a police report and upping the security around her home. She may even consider taking the sign down for safety’s sake.

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