Company turns festival cabins into safe meeting rooms during coronavirus

Cabins offer chance for those in isolation to see family, friends

Loneliness has been one side-effect of the coronavirus, especially for older individuals, unable to see family in isolation.

Flexotel, a Dutch company, has created a new way for people to connect safely during the outbreak with portable pods, or rooms.

“We thought let’s make a container where people can meet, can be close to each other but on a safe distance and in a safe way,” Commercial manager for Flexotel Hans Van Keulen said.

The portable pods usually serve as sleeping cabins for festivals in the Netherlands but during the COVID-19 outbreak times, the company turned them into meeting rooms.

The small rooms are popular at nursing homes that have closed their doors to visitors to protect their residents from the virus. Each cabin has a plexiglass divider so the visitors can see each other in a safe space without contamination.

“It was a beautiful visit, it’s different than a phone call, especially when someone is hard of hearing like my father," a woman who visited with her father in one told CBS News.

The creators say the cabins offer a personal touch in a time of isolation.

“The first one we have placed is at a nursing home for elderly people and it’s a big hit, they are very happy with the solution we found,” Keulen said.

The solution is protecting people’s health while lifting their spirits.

The safe rooms rent for about $2,700 for the first month and about $275 for every week after that, according to CBS News.