3 charged with hitting, killing ducks with sticks

Juveniles face animal cruelty charges

DELTONA, Fla - Deputies arrested three juveniles on animal cruelty charges who they say were spotted hitting and killing ducks with sticks in Deltona.

Deputies said the caller reported on Wednesday her nephews were hitting the ducks and went to the home on West Wellington Drive in Deltona, where they found three dead ducks and blood on a wooden stick.

"Hi I just stood here in my mother's front yard and watched my three nephews beat the (expletive) out of these ducks who are now severely injured and can't walk," the caller told dispatchers.

When deputies spoke to the juveniles, they all said they didn't remember who hit the ducks first, just that one of them asked the other if they wanted to the abandoned house on Whitewood Drive to kill ducks.

One of the juveniles said they were wrestling when the trio decided to chase the ducks to "play with them."

The three have been charged with animal cruelty, a felony charge. Neighbors tell Local 6 the teens bully not only animals, but other children and some adults.

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